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Swimming Pool Heat Pump by Chromagen

Swimming Pool Heat Pump by Chromagen



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A heat pump pool heater is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power consumed, it can create up to 5 kW of water heating energy. That's a performance efficiency of a remarkable 500%. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas pool heaters, where their output performance efficiency may only be around 80% of energy input.

The table below demonstrates how the efficiency of a heat pump pool heater transfers to a lower running cost for heating a 50,000 pool in Sydney.

So where does the FREE energy come from? The AIR!
The air around us contains latent energy which can be harvested using common refrigeration technology. Refrigerant technology utilises refrigerant gas; an amazing substance that boils at low temperatures and can therefore transition easily from a liquid to a vapour.

The heat pump cycle simply takes the refrigerant through various states in a process of super-heating and cooling, where the heat energy is imparted on the pool water using a heat exchanger.