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Off Grid Solar Hybrid Power Systems



All our offgrid packages are based on the AC coupling technology from SMA. We believe that this setup offers an efficient, versatile and expandable solution which can grow with an increasing power demand.



Solar Panel Modules

The systems have been designed using brand products Jinko Solar 260W panels, German manufacturered QCell or Sunpower solar panels (USA). Our solar panels are very high quality and the installation will comply with AS5033 and ASNZS 3000 standard and Clean Energy Council requirements. A 25 Year performance warranty applies to the solar panels.


As indicated above we have designed the systems using AC coupling capable inverters. This technology was developed and brought into market by the worlds largest inverter manufacturer SMA.  Installed to AS5033 and ASNZS 3000 standards and Clean Energy Council requirements.

A 5 Year warranty applies to the SMA inverters with optional extension to 10 Years.

We offer Zeversolar inverters, SMA Sunnyboy (German made) and Enphase Micro Inverters (USA).


A range of batteries is available, there are two prices stated in these packages.  All our systems have been designed using economical flooded batteries which require regular maintenance and electrolyte top up. Or there is an option to use sealed VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries which do not require topping up with distilled water we use BAE German or Sonenshine batteries for our sealed VRLA systems. Battery instalations are installed to comply with AS4509 and AS5003 and Clean Energy Council requirements

Circuit Protection

In order to comply with Australian Standards we have included the appropriate cisrcuit protection to accompany our array sizes, inverter ratings and battery ratings.Such components include string protection, DC rated switches/breakers, NH-type fusing. Only quality electrical component are used to ensure ongoing reliability and optimum performance.

Installed to comply with AS5033 & ASNZS 3000


As a standard we have included a sophisticated datalogging option which can also be monitored remotely (should there be a dedicated phone/internet connection. This would allow us to assist the client in fault finding or ensuring that the system is performing as per design/specification.


We endeavour to supply sufficient information with our systems so the client can get a comprehensive overview of all the components, their function, interaction and the potential challenges of an offgrid solution. Detailed single-line diagrams and maintenance logbooks are also included.

All our documentation is compliant with AS5033 and Clean Energy Council Requirements – see sample commissioning and testing check list below.