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4kW GY Panel Solar Power System - Standard (16 panels)

4kW GY Panel Solar Power System - Standard (16 panels)


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Company Introduction
GY-Group is a large diverse organisation with over 35 years of manufacturing experience and is ranked top 10 Chinese textile manufacturers. GY has an R&D team of 100 staff and has been committed to PV manufacturing since 1990 and complete manufacturing of ingots, wafers, cells and modules since 2009. GY's manufacturing capabilities include state-of-the-art robotics and fully automated production lines to produce modules with high performance results. GY has established a research and development centre with the Zhejiang University to further improve its solar cells, modules, applications and systems. GY panels are imported and supported directly in Western Australia.

GY Solar Modules

GY (Poly) and GY (mono) panels are both cost effective and reliable products, both are A grade panels with up to 17% module efficiency, they have positive sorting, a 12 year warranty and have a very good track record with only 0.015% ever replaced under warranty.   GY Poly panels have been independently tested and have been proven extremely efficient against some very high priced competitors right here in WA, they perform within 3% of Rolls Royce brands that only produce about $3 per year more electricity.

WA's Case Studies

The Glen Iris Child Care was in a perfect situation to gain maximum benefits form rooftop solar PV with its trading being daylight hours only. Large electricity bills are a significant monthly expense to the centre and the 14kw system is taking advantage of the limited north facing aspects. GY 250w Poly panels provided the best fit for the mix of roofing types and tilt kits required. A 15kw JFY three phase inverter was utilised on the installation.

The Osborne Park Bowls Club has embraced the GY 300w Poly panels on an extensive 30kw system, the club believed that rooftop solar was outside their reach until quotations using the GY 300w Polys were reviewed, it was an easy decision for the club to make based upon the great payback period calculated.



Suntree Series - JSI 4000 TL String Inverter

   ◆ Compact size and high power density

   ◆ High speed MPPT for real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting

   ◆ Transformerless operation for highest efficiency  98.2%

   ◆ High overload capability under most ambient conditions

   ◆ Certified grid connected operation according to the international standards

   ◆ True three phase sine wave output

   ◆ Integrated RS485/RS232 serial communications

   ◆ Multi-language friendly LCD display

   ◆ Easy maintenance cooling fans